Kentik - Network Observability

Network automation: Are you the only one not doing it?

In this lively webinar, Corey Quinn from the Duckbill Group, alongside Kentik’s Rosalind Whitley and Phil Gervasi, explore network automation, pondering the question, “Am I the only one not doing it?” They explore the current landscape of network automation, discussing tools, value, and the realness of NetDevOps. The trio also considers the future role of AI in networking, debating its potential beyond hype. This conversation sheds light on the cultural and technological factors influencing network automation’s adoption and evolution.

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • The current landscape of network automation and the pervasive question of its adoption across the IT industry.
  • Insights into NetDevOps, its reality, and practical application in network management.
  • The significance and challenges of implementing AI in network operations, distinguishing between hype and practical utility.
  • The cultural hurdles and resistance within teams toward integrating automation into their existing workflows.
  • Strategies for navigating and addressing the reluctance to adopt new technologies, emphasizing the need for skill evolution.
  • The future prospects of network automation, including the role of AI and machine learning in transforming network management and troubleshooting.
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