Kentik - Network Observability

How the Internet is Changing the Enterprise Network

Cloud, SaaS, APIs, WAN, CDNs, customers, and users ㄧ enterprises increasingly rely on the internet to supply and deliver their business ㄧ and the internet is subsequently adding new complexities to enterprise networks. While managing each internet dependency can be difficult, the greater challenge is making sense of the breadth and depth of data these dependencies collectively produce. Fortunately, network traffic data can provide complete visibility into how your business is performing ㄧ across the internet, and overall. Many of today’s fastest-growing enterprises are already using network data to achieve digital transformation, boost customer retention, and enhance network performance to gain an edge over their competition. In this webinar, guest speaker and Forrester analyst Andre Kindness and Kentik Co-founder and CEO Avi Freedman will reveal:

  • Top myths enterprises believe about the internet
  • The impact of internet-connected things on the business
  • How to use network analytics and monitoring for business visibility
  • Real-world examples of organizations who leverage their network data to drive business results
Watch the Webinar
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