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Peering and Interconnection

The World’s Most Advanced Peering and Interconnection Solution

As businesses move to a digital-first strategy, the need for quick and reliable interconnection is of paramount importance. But peering decisions have been historically fraught with required diligence that can be complex, siloed, and time consuming.

Kentik is the only network observability platform that solves this challenge by combining three core elements necessary for peering decisions – your network’s traffic flows, connectivity costs, and PeeringDB’s database – into one unified solution.

This powerful combination delivers an all-in-one data toolset enabling peering managers, network planners, and operators to speed up decision making, streamline operations, optimize performance for customers and subscribers, and reduce costs with analytics-driven peering and interconnection strategies.

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Network traffic analytics

See your network’s inbound and outbound traffic flows visualized. Uncover drivers behind bandwidth utilization. Understand network traffic service origin, contributors, and consumers by content. Identify CDNs, 850+ OTT services, and 650+ OTT providers across more than 40 categories.

PeeringDB integration

Visualize network traffic contextualized with PeeringDB data – the go-to interconnection directory for networks, clouds, services, and enterprises. We ingest PeeringDB’s database daily, ensuring customers always have the latest info at their fingertips.

Connectivity costs

Understand network connectivity costs and drivers of monthly spending per Mbps by provider, connection, and site in any currency. Automate flat, tiered, and custom calculations.

“The integration of the PeeringDB dataset is a game changer for peering optimization. Now I have all the information I need to evaluate peering decisions in the one service.”

Brad Raymo, Vice President of Network Strategy

Use Kentik’s peering and interconnection capabilities to:

  • Discover peers: Identify optimal transit and peering partners based on your traffic flows, connectivity mix, ratios, paths, and dynamics.
  • View common footprints: Generate contextualized map views of common IX and facilities (data center) footprint with any network in any geography.
  • Access peering info instantly: Identify the NOC, peering contacts, locations, and peering policy for any targeted networks on any IX or colocation.
  • Conduct rapid analysis: Evaluate potential traffic IN and OUT – based on your traffic profile – that could be peered off from transit to IXs and data centers, together with networks’ policy details.
  • Calculate cost savings: Support strategic planners in the decision to deploy at certain data centers or IXes based on shared traffic and the peering policy of the target AS.
PeeringDB info
Connectivity Costs

Real. Results. Delivered.

Save time: Say goodbye to complex spreadsheet wrangling, manual analysis, and chair swiveling with all the data you need in one place.

Save money: Use data-backed peering decisions to optimize traffic engineering that cuts transit costs.

“I was able to find approximately $3 million in annual savings in just traffic engineering changes.”

Brad Raymo, Vice President of Network Strategy at StackPath
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Peering Solution Brief

Key benefits

  • Build data-driven peering strategies in minutes
  • Save millions in annual traffic costs
  • Replace manual processes with automated workflows, alerting, and insights
  • Easily determine if joining an IX or direct interconnect facility is cost effective for your network
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