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How efficiently are you using your network? Is traffic going through Z to get from A to B? Are you buying bandwidth that doesn’t go where it’s needed most? Without effective visibility, you’ll never know. Kentik Detect lets you see not only source and destination, but how traffic gets where it’s going. That allows you to improve performance and lower costs. With Kentik Detect you’ll be able to identify the most efficient routes, peer with the most cost-effective partners, and intelligently allocate resources to match utilization.

Data in, knowledge out

Kentik Detect ingests NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX, SNMP, and BGP into a unified datastore that gives you a comprehensive picture of where traffic comes from, where it goes, and who it’s going through. Examine over 40 different metrics in categories such as routing, geo, and path. Apply a wide variety of filters to drill down on specific aspects of the traffic flow. Collected data is available in real-time so you can understand what’s happening right now. And it’s retained in full detail so you can understand patterns over extended timeframes.

Find knowledge in the data. See how in this Data Explorer Overview screencast.

Internal optimization

Kentik Detect’s live and forensic visibility enables you to engineer your internal network for maximum efficiency. Is 50% of your traffic from Building F headed next door to Building E? Is 20% of your traffic to NYC being routed through a server in LA? Kentik Detect gives you the ability to see these patterns so that you can optimize routing, whether that means moving a server or bypassing hops with a dedicated circuit. Without that visibility, you’ll be relying on guesswork to scale, simplify, or optimize your infrastructure.

External efficiency

You can’t control the inner workings of external networks, but you can choose who to route through and peer with. Kentik Detect helps you make those choices based on facts, so you can lower latency and also boost ROI by cutting costs. Need a big-picture view of how traffic gets where it’s going? Use our powerful Peering Analytics tool. Looking for deep detail on individual connections? Dig down to individual flow records in the Data Explorer. With Kentik Detect, you’ll base your connections on where traffic actually needs to go, and avoid paying for relationships that don’t get it there efficiently.

For a high-level view of Peering Analytics in Kentik Detect, see our Introducing BGP Peering Analytics blog post.

APIs and alerts

Kentik Detect’s portal is fast and intuitive, but it’s not the only way we enable access to collected data. You can query your data from any PostgreSQL client. And you can seamlessly integrate with external systems, accessing your network data via REST APIs for use in automated traffic engineering systems. Kentik Detect also includes a built-in alerting system. We’ll notify you immediately when the current situation on your network matches conditions that you’ve custom-defined in the portal, so you can make corrective adjustments at the first sign of compromised performance.

Interested in integrating with Kentik Detect using REST APIs? Get the details on using our Data Explorer API.

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