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Partnering with Radware for DDoS Protection

Jim Frey



Kentik recently announced some major new enhancements to Kentik Detect in the arena of DDoS protection. If you saw that announcement and/or some of the materials associated with it, you’ll notice that Kentik Detect now supports integrated automation of multiple DDoS attack mitigation options. A key aspect of our DDoS protection solution is our partnership with Radware and integration with Radware DefensePro.

Radware is an industry leader in DDoS protection. They count some impressive customers of their cyber-security solutions, including:

  • The Largest CDNs and Cloud DDoS providers
  • 7 of the top 14 Stock Exchanges
  • 12 of the top 20 Commercial Banks
  • 6 of the top 20 Retailers
  • 4 of the largest Telcos worldwide

Naturally, Kentik started to cross paths with Radware in mutual accounts, and it just made sense to start working together. What really catalyzed things, as is the case in most business partnerships, was a joint customer who was looking for an integration, and in this case that joint customer was PenTeleData. PenTeleData was one of Kentik’s earliest adopters and had used Kentik Detect for network traffic analysis since 2014. Meanwhile, they had been using an appliance-based DDoS detection system from a well-known vendor in that space, but that was missing a lot of attacks, leading to a ton of havoc.

PenTeleData’s desire for a better overall solution dovetailed with our development of the recently announced DDoS detection enhancements. PenTeleData chose Radware to refresh their DDoS mitigation layer, and asked for Kentik and Radware to connect the two systems. PenTeleData initially deployed the combined solution in May of 2016, and it has been in full production since June. The results have been stellar—a 30% improvement in catching and stopping DDoS attacks.

“When we first deployed Kentik Detect, we started seeing attacks that weren’t being caught by our previous DDoS defense solution,” said Frank Clements, Engineering Manager at PenTeleData. “Once we set Kentik Detect to automatically trigger mitigation via our Radware DefenseFlow platform, the constant pattern of interrupts and firefighting really quieted down.”


You can’t argue with results. Since that time working together at PenTeleData, Kentik and Radware have launched direct field and technical collaboration so that anyone who wants the power of big data for detection and analytics, paired with the mitigation prowess of Radware DefensePro, can get it. As David Anderson, Corporate Vice President, North America for Radware said:

“Radware’s award winning DefensePro DDoS protection and network security platform provides the fastest and most complete mitigation from all attack types on the market today. The integration with Kentik Detect provides the best of both worlds for fast and accurate detection with complete and accurate mitigation.”

We couldn’t agree more. We’re delighted to be partnering with Radware and look forward to helping all of our mutual customers get the best possible DDoS protection. If you want to learn more about the joint solution, read the Radware-Kentik solution brief. If you want more details on the PenTeleData story, read the case study. Know you need big data DDoS detection accuracy and deeper network analytics? Start a free trial or or request a demo today.

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