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DDoS attacks are costly to your reputation and your bottom line. What does it take to minimize the damage? Recognize attacks quickly and accurately, then shut them down with powerful, situation-appropriate mitigation. To do that, Kentik Detect™ continuously monitors incoming traffic data, alerts you in seconds of attack-related anomalies, and orchestrates a hybrid mitigation response using an array of best-of-breed third-party solutions. With field-proven accuracy that’s 30-percent better than legacy detection methods, Kentik Detect delivers the industry’s most advanced DDoS detection and mitigation.

Adaptive anomaly detection

In DDoS detection, accuracy is key. False negatives allow attacks to choke off revenue and performance, while false positives divert resources into chasing shadows. Legacy tools have plenty of both. Lacking the compute and storage capacity to retain traffic data at volume, they discard the details, leaving you to rely on manual policy updates or overly-broad definitions. But Kentik Detect is built on a distributed big data backend. That enables continuous multi-dimensional monitoring of millions of IPs, and allows IPs with the most significant traffic to be adaptively baselined and measured for anomalies. The result is DDoS detection with both accuracy and scale.

Automated, hybrid mitigation

What’s the right mitigation response to a DDoS attack? The answer depends on the nature of the attack and the specifics of your network. So instead of locking you into a monolithic system that limits your options, Kentik Detect let’s you craft an orchestrated, hybrid approach that’s most appropriate to your situation. We offer out-of-the-box integrations with leading DDoS mitigation solution providers such as A10 and Radware, and also supply built-in support for Remote Triggered Black Hole (RTBH). You can choose to trigger mitigation automatically when conditions match custom-defined policies, or to receive notifications that request manual approval before mitigation is applied.

Read the PenTeleData case study.

Go deeper with analytics

With automated mitigation and exceptionally accurate detection, Kentik Detect is your real-time shield against DDoS. But as infrastructure, traffic, and threats evolve, you’ll also turn to Kentik Detect for the deeper insights that enable an agile defense. Our Data Explorer uses powerful visualization and filtering to help you dig into the origin and nature of attacks, returning answers in seconds to multidimensional queries across billions of unsummarized flow records correlated with BGP and GeoIP. Combining detection, alerting, mitigation, and analytics into a single SaaS solution, Kentik Detect is the most accurate and comprehensive way to defend your network.

Learn how Kentik Detect’s Data Explorer helps you respond to DDoS attacks.

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