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Is it a network or application problem? The answer is here

Co-Chair, Kentik Labs

At FutureStack in May we announced our early access program for a commercial partnership with New Relic. Today we are excited to announce general availability. Network observability is now available to all free and paying users of New Relic One. Starting today, all users have the ability, out-of-the-box, to add network context to their traditional application monitoring environments.

Since the early access program launched, we’ve seen customers deploy this solution to combine their network data with their other observability data and answer the important question: “Is it a network or an application problem?”

Together with New Relic, we’re helping network and development teams quickly identify and troubleshoot application performance issues correlated with network traffic, performance and health data. Ultimately, this makes services more reliable.

As Buddy Brewer, New Relic’s group VP of strategic partnerships, notes in his latest blog post:

“Now with NPM [from Kentik] in New Relic One, you can correlate and analyze all your telemetry data in one place—your applications, infrastructure, digital experience, and network data. This way, you can engage the right team at the right layer of the stack faster than ever before. And when it is the network, you can provide network engineering teams with proper context for faster resolution.”

Take a look at for more information and to try it for yourself today.

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