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Unifying Application and Network Observability with New Relic

VP, Business Development

Today is an exciting day here at Kentik. We’re officially expanding our partnership with New Relic to unify application and network observability.

You may recall, back in December, we announced the start of our partnership with New Relic to provide our joint-customers with a way to combine DevOps and NetOps observability using the Kentik Firehose. Starting today, the expansion of our partnership grants New Relic users the ability out-of-the-box to add network context to their traditional application monitoring environments directly within New Relic One.

This is a big deal for a couple of reasons, which Kentik Co-founder and CEO Avi Freedman and New Relic’s Buddy Brewer, Group VP of Strategic Partnerships, discussed on stage this morning at FutureStack, New Relic’s annual conference. Buddy also shared a good summary of why we’re doing this via his latest blog post:

When software fails, it happens in unexpected ways and at the worst time. And when there is a problem in the middle of the night, software engineers often suspect a network failure. But usually they don’t have the tools or context to diagnose the problem. So they wake up the on-call network engineer, even when they're unsure if there is a network issue at all. As you can imagine, this leads to a lot of frustration, finger-pointing, and slow issue resolution.

DevOps and NetOps teams know that there must be a better way. Since modern architectures have eliminated many of the technical boundaries, the time has come to help eliminate the boundaries between teams.

With network context from Kentik in New Relic One, teams will have even better information to help “rule out” or “rule in” the network as the cause of an issue. They can more often let their NetOps team sleep when the network isn’t to blame, and provide better context to them when the network is implicated in an issue.

Together with New Relic, we’re helping network and development teams quickly identify and troubleshoot application performance issues correlated with network traffic, performance and health data. Ultimately, this makes services more reliable.

Learn more about our expanded partnership and sign up for the early-access program at

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