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Kentik Close-Up: PeeringDB

Welcome to the debut episode of Kentik Close-Up! Join Leon Adato and special guests Greg Villain and Lauren Basile as they dive deep into PeeringDB, the essential public address book for network interconnection. Discover how Kentik integrates PeeringDB to enhance network performance, reduce costs, and optimize connectivity. Learn the ins and outs of peering strategies, and see how Kentik’s innovative solutions simplify complex network management tasks.

Learn more about Kentik’s PeeringDB integration in our blog post, “Closing the Interconnection Data Gap: Integrating PeeringDB into Kentik Data Explorer.”

Key Takeaways from this Video

What is PeeringDB?

  • PeeringDB is a user-maintained database serving as the public address book for networks and interconnection points globally.
  • It helps network engineers and peering managers find and connect with other networks to optimize performance and reduce costs.

Why is PeeringDB Important?

  • PeeringDB allows networks to publish their points of presence and peering policies.
  • It facilitates the establishment of peering connections, improving network performance and cost efficiency.

Kentik’s Integration with PeeringDB

  • Kentik integrates PeeringDB data with its platform, enhancing network observability and providing a comprehensive view of network traffic and interconnections.
  • This integration helps network engineers quickly identify potential peering opportunities and optimize their network’s performance.

Enhanced Search Capabilities

  • Kentik’s platform offers advanced search features, allowing users to filter and analyze traffic data based on various parameters, such as geographic location and peering policies.
  • Users can easily identify common data centers and internet exchanges, streamlining the process of establishing peering connections.

Combining Traffic Data with PeeringDB Information

  • Kentik marries PeeringDB data with real-time network traffic information, enabling users to make informed decisions about peering and interconnection strategies.
  • This combination reduces the need for manual data analysis and improves efficiency.

Programmatic Decision-Making for Network Peering

  • Kentik’s platform supports programmatic decision-making through its API, allowing users to automate processes and generate insights without extensive manual intervention.
  • This feature democratizes access to complex network data, making it accessible to both service providers and enterprise users.

Benefits for Service Providers and Enterprises

  • Network service providers can optimize costs and performance by identifying the most beneficial peering connections.
  • Enterprises can leverage these capabilities to enhance access to SaaS tools and improve overall network efficiency.

User-Friendly and Efficient

  • The integration of PeeringDB within Kentik’s platform simplifies the process of network management and optimization.
  • Users can quickly obtain valuable insights, reducing the time and effort required for network analysis and decision-making.

Customer-Centric Product Development

  • Kentik’s product features are developed based on feedback from customers and industry experts, ensuring they address real-world challenges and needs.
  • The close collaboration with users helps Kentik continuously improve its platform and deliver valuable solutions.

Community and Open Source

  • The community-driven nature of PeeringDB highlights the importance of collaboration and shared knowledge in the network engineering field.
  • Kentik’s integration with PeeringDB underscores the value of open-source information and community contributions.
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