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The Cloudification of the Telecom Industry

Join Phil Gervasi and Nina Bargisen from Kentik as they delve into the transformation of the telecom industry through cloudification. This LinkedIn Live replay explores the significant shifts in both the technical and business landscapes of telecommunications, highlighting the movement of network functions to the cloud. Discover how these changes are reshaping the industry and what it means for the future of telcos. For Nina’s complete blog post on this topic, see The Cloudification of Telcos and the Evolution of the Telecom Ecosystem.

Key Takeaways

Watch this video to learn about:

  • Definition of Cloudification: Nina describes cloudification as the transition of network functions from on-premises hardware managed by telcos to cloud-based environments, reflecting similar trends in enterprise IT.
  • Slow Adoption in Telecoms: The telecom sector has been slower to adopt cloud technologies due to the complexity and longevity of their systems, which require extensive software architecture adaptations.
  • Benefits of Cloudification: Moving to the cloud allows telcos to operate more flexibly and efficiently, making it easier to manage and update systems without the heavy overhead of maintaining physical infrastructure.
  • Operational Shifts: The webinar discusses the shift towards a more modular, service-oriented structure in telecoms, allowing for faster innovation and better management of resources.
  • Risks and Challenges: The transition also introduces risks such as potential monopolies and the complexities of managing service across different platforms and vendors.
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