Kentik - Network Observability

Network Monitoring in 2024: Disrupting the Status Quo with Unified NMS Telemetry

Today’s telco operators and CSPs need to have eyes on everything in their network –- from data centers to devices, from clouds to containers, from edge to core –- to ensure always-on connectivity and excellent digital experiences.

But legacy network monitoring tools that have been the status quo for decades are showing their age and are not fit for today’s network needs. Network engineers are struggling to make their outdated NMS manage hybrid cloud networks and juggle diverse telemetry, all the while having to tailor-make tools for custom monitoring use cases that aren’t available out of the box.

Join Kentik network gurus Chris O’Brien and Nina Bargisen to see what modern NMS looks like in 2024. Get an inside look at Kentik NMS –- the first AI-assisted, zero-maintenance modern SaaS network monitoring platform –- and hear how service provider network teams can improve service without increasing costs by:

  • Getting more detailed and accurate data using streaming telemetry seamlessly integrated with SNMP
  • Collecting, visualizing, and alerting on custom data points to support special cases
  • Correlating metrics to advanced traffic analysis for faster troubleshooting
  • Manage costs by paying for optimizing polling and paying for capacity instead of devices or interfaces
  • Leveraging network AI to solve more problems, faster, with the same team
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