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Panel Series Part 3 Replay: The Edge Moves Closer to the User—Is Your Infrastructure Ready?

Kentik’s 3rd virtual panel talk brings together networking leaders from Cisco and StackPath to discuss how remote work, IoT, and smart manufacturing are just a few of the trends redefining the network edge. For networking teams, managing edge complexity requires rethinking infrastructure strategies.

Cisco’s Matt Price, StackPath’s Wen Temitim, and Kentik CEO Avi Freedman discuss how organizations are updating their network infrastructures to get ahead of the game.

Avi Freedman and the panelists discuss topics including:

  • What is the network edge today?
  • How is COVID-19 changing edge network and application demand?
  • What is different about edge network architectures?
  • What is the impact on edge computing?
  • What changes are needed for monitoring and operations?
  • What impact is 5G on having on edge networks?
  • Where will the edge go in 2020? 2023?
  • How will COVID-19 accelerate, slow, or change edge expansion?


  • Matt Price, Senior Director of IoT Engineering and Operations, Cisco
  • Wen Temitim, CTO, StackPath
  • Avi Freedman, Moderator, Co-founder and CEO, Kentik

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