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Network Domain Analytics Sets Stage for Automation

A Heavy Reading Whitepaper - Sandra O’Boyle, Senior Analyst at Heavy Reading

The journey to automation is existentially important to communication service providers (CSPs), with analytics now strategic to the entire business. While network operations have an obvious application in quickly identifying the root causes of issues that affect network quality, the more urgent need is for CSPs to become truly data-driven businesses.

This transformation isn’t just about tools and technology, but about adopting the right operational processes and organizational structures to help integrate all types of datasources… with an eye toward improving performance of the entire business.

Download this Heavy Reading whitepaper by analyst Sandra O’Boyle to learn:

  • The ways that CSPs can implement big data analytics to realize business performance and real-time network operations improvements.
  • How analyzing related network datasets helps leading communication service providers deliver business value.
  • How choosing the right network analytics platform is instrumental in introducing automated processes and AI into network operations.

Download the Whitepaper


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