Kentik - Network Observability
Case Study

Edgio Reduces CDN Costs and MTTR with Kentik


Edgio, formerly Limelight Networks, a prominent global CDN, faced challenges delivering flawless digital content with a massive network spanning 80+ points of presence and delivering 40-80 petabytes daily. Their in-house network analytics tool, though extensive, lacked scalability and was impractical for troubleshooting. Needing to optimize their network for both performance and cost, Edgio sought a more efficient and robust solution for network observability.

“Kentik has the best feature functionality on the market and has substantially reduced our MTTR for customer, peering, and transit-related issues.”



After demoing Kentik through a free trial, Edgio deployed Kentik’s network observability platform for:

  • Network-based traffic visibility
  • Strategic capacity planning
  • Traffic management
  • Backbone troubleshooting
  • Traffic flow data analysis

Results and ROI

Real-time network traffic trending and analysis capabilities enable Edgio to drill down into issues, fix them quickly, and minimize any customer impact or outage — resulting in a highly stable and reliable network with reduced MTTR and engineering hours.

Edgio MTTR reduction chart

Automation for traffic engineering

Using Kentik’s APIs, Edgio is fully automating traffic engineering workflows with instant re-routing of traffic nearing capacity or commit levels ­— enabling them to avoid congestion impacts and cost exposures from commit overages.

75% reduction in data gathering time

Kentik’s data explorer allows Edgio engineers to answer any question about their network instantly, without needing pre-defined queries or waiting minutes to hours for results — reducing their data gathering time for workflows from an hour to just 15 minutes.

Cost savings and improved performance

With Kentik’s granular visibility, Edgio identified and fixed multiple instances of non-optimized traffic routing, including expensive backhauling and paid IP transit, resulting in major cost savings and superior network performance for customers.

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