Kentik - Network Observability

Modern Network Monitoring: Unifying NMS Telemetry with Kentik NMS

Kentik’s Rosalind Whitley and Chris O’Brien give a demonstration of Kentik NMS, the next-generation network monitoring system designed for modern network challenges. In this detailed walkthrough, we introduce the capabilities of Kentik NMS in addressing common issues like slow polling and stale data through the adoption of advanced data collection technologies like streaming telemetry versus SNMP. Learn how Kentik NMS provides high-resolution, real-time network insights, significantly improving the granularity and accuracy of data for network troubleshooting and analysis.

They offer an overview of Kentik NMS’s intuitive dashboard, showing its versatility in customizing widgets for various network monitoring tasks, from cloud networks to DDoS protection. Chris shows how to zoom in on specific devices for detailed network device information, including utilization, temperature, traffic analytics, and hardware components, offering a 360-degree view of network health and performance. Learn how Kentik NMS lets you dive deeper into network data, leveraging both pre-set and customizable queries, including the innovative use of natural language for queries.

Experience Kentik’s next-generation network monitoring solution firsthand by signing up for a free trial or requesting a personalized demo for your team.

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