Kentik - Network Flow Analytics
Solution Brief

Kentik Enterprise Solution Brief

Enterprise Use Cases

  • Problem Detection
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Capacity Planning
  • Network / Cloud Cost Analytics
  • Network Relationships

Problem Detection

Enterprise networks today are huge, spanning the globe and carrying gigabits or terabits of traffic. The volume of alerts and potential network problems continues to grow, false alarms mask real problems, and network teams struggle to keep pace. Kentik’s ML-based detection engine finds problems that might be missed with traditional tools and generates insights that help network teams prioritize issues by impact and importance.


  • Simplify monitoring with built-in, zero-configuration detection
  • Discover emerging network events before they affect customer experience
  • Triage and prioritize events to minimize impact to users, customers and services

Network Troubleshooting

Resolving network problems and mysteries is challenging. Add in the huge volume of data and the diversity of today’s networks that span traditional and cloud infrastructure, and it becomes nearly impossible. Kentik’s distributed architecture keeps all the data that teams need to understand what’s happening on the network and why. Kentik’s powerful visualizations and a modern UI allow teams to navigate to details quickly and easily.


  • Determine affected applications, services and users
  • Find root causes using guided troubleshooting steps
  • Minimize MTTR and business impact of network problems

Capacity Planning

Continuous traffic growth and unexpected network loads can create congestion that dramatically impacts network performance and service availability. Ensuring that networks have adequate resources to handle current and expected future utilization is a critical task. Yet many organizations are still using spreadsheets and manual data collection to plan capacity upgrades. Kentik’s capacity planning workflow automates this task, constantly collecting network data to predict future dates at which interfaces and links will reach utilization thresholds. Kentik also automatically prioritizes capacity issues and generates alarms to provide lead time to order new capacity or take other corrective action.

Capacity Planning


  • Automate data gathering and correlation to prioritize the most critical capacity issues
  • Eliminate complex spreadsheets and manual planning processes
  • Prevent congestion surprises that impact applications or users

Network and Cloud Cost Analytics

As networks expand, costs for bandwidth and other network resources grow along with ever-increasing traffic volumes. Predicting those costs has been difficult though. Network managers must understand complex service provider billing models, in addition to accurately measuring traffic volumes at hundreds or thousands of interfaces across the network. Kentik’s cost analytics workflow dramatically simplifies this task by combining provider billing models with real traffic measurements to produce dollars-and-cents figures that make cost prediction simple.


  • Understand the drivers of overall network spend
  • True up provider invoices and discover billing errors
  • Eliminate billing surprises with automatic cost forecasts

Network Relationships

Network complexity has exploded. Modern applications are deployed across a mixture of internal data centers and public cloud environments, and may be dependent on hundreds of other services and external APIs. Combined with the dynamic nature of microservices and containers, it can be difficult to foresee unexpected outages when services are migrated or decommissioned. Network traffic provides the key to understand the complexity though, and Kentik’s deep traffic history details and powerful visualizations make it easy to see how applications interact with infrastructure and deliver outstanding customer experiences.


  • Navigate to areas of interest with a geographical representation of the network
  • Understand physical and logical connectivity between network devices and sites
  • Prevent unexpected outages by visualizing dependencies among hosts, containers and internal and external services
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