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Kentik Close-Up: Support

Welcome to the second episode of Kentik Close-Up, where we explore the latest Kentik features, products, and capabilities. In this episode, Leon Adato is joined by Chris O’Brien, Product Manager, and Steve Meuse, Solutions Architect, to discuss the challenges and improvements in providing support for network monitoring systems like Kentik NMS. Learn about the innovative approaches Kentik has taken to enhance support experiences, including proactive monitoring, automation, and real-time data visibility. Discover how these advancements are helping to streamline support processes and improve customer satisfaction.

Learn more about Kentik NMS, the modern network monitoring system.

Key Takeaways from this Video

Challenges of Providing Support

  • Support is challenging for both users and providers, with pain points on both sides of the ticket queue.
  • Common issues include dealing with missing or incorrect data points, and the lengthy back-and-forth communication required to resolve these issues.

Improving the Support Experience

  • Kentik’s approach includes leveraging SaaS to see data points directly, reducing the need for user intervention.
  • Implementing proactive monitoring and automation to detect and address device support issues quickly.
  • The goal is to streamline support processes, minimize delays, and improve the overall user experience.

Proactive Monitoring and Automation

  • Kentik uses proactive monitoring to identify and address unsupported devices automatically.
  • This approach enables rapid resolution of issues, often without the user even noticing the problem.
  • Steve highlights the benefits of automating device support updates and the ability to push configurations to customers quickly.

Demo of Kentik NMS

  • Steve provides a demo of Kentik NMS, showcasing the ease of use and the ability to perform SNMP walks directly within the platform.
  • The demo illustrates how the tool can quickly identify and resolve data gaps, saving significant time and effort compared to traditional methods.

Speed and Efficiency of Data Retrieval

  • The UI is fast and efficient, allowing real-time querying and data retrieval.
  • This reduces the cycle time for support tasks, enabling quicker problem resolution and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Expanding Device Support and Monitoring Protocols

  • Kentik is focused on supporting a wide range of monitoring protocols, including streaming telemetry.
  • The use of open config naming standards ensures data consistency and simplifies the transition from SNMP to streaming telemetry.
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