Kentik - Network Observability
Solution Brief

Hybrid Cloud Monitoring


As organizations adopt hybrid, multi-cloud environments, network and infrastructure teams will face serious blind spots with siloed tools impacting their ability to identify and troubleshoot problems. Kentik is the industry’s first solution to close operational gaps introduced by hybrid cloud environments.

Kentik provides — in one pane — visualization across infrastructures, including those that you own and those you don’t. You can drill into your cloud and data center environments, troubleshoot VPC flows, subnets, east-west traffic, and check your device interfaces. At the internet and WAN edge, Kentik enables monitoring, capacity planning, performance optimization, and even auditing of flows through VPNs and firewall security zones.

Beyond unified visibility, Kentik also provides intelligent alerting and diagnosis across complex infrastructures, improving uptime and reducing MTTR. Kentik empowers professionals to deliver reliable hybrid clouds and outstanding digital experience.

Get an instant understanding of:

  • AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and IBM VPC flow logs and inter-service dependencies
  • Site topology and architecture (spine/leaf and tiers), device metrics (CPU, memory, interface utilization), and north-south and east-west traffic
  • Edge SD-WAN overlay and WAN underlay transport utilization and performance
  • Network components, such as VPNs, firewalls, and transit gateways traffic flows
  • Internet traffic origin, destination, and hops context (ASNs, CDNs, ISPs, geolocation)

Unified visualization of hybrid infrastructure: multi-cloud, sites/data centers, internet networks and edge

Act on what matters

Kentik ingests data streams from the internet, edge, cloud, and data centers and provides real-time visualizations and AIOps-powered early insights, diagnosis, and workflow automation for a quick resolution.

Drill into site topology, device metrics (CPU, memory, interface utilization), and north-south and east-west traffic

The Kentik Network Intelligence Platform eliminates visibility and intelligence gaps

Kentik empowers professionals with preemptive agility in complex hybrid cloud environments — where disruptions are intrinsically harder to foresee and recover from — so they can deliver reliable networks and great digital experience.

Cloud networks and traffic relationships (VPC flows, inter-region dependencies and internet traffic)

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Key Benefits

  • Unified mapping of all infrastructures with direct troubleshooting on a graphical map
  • Advanced inter and intra-traffic profiling and filtering in single-click actions
  • Powerful anomaly detection and diagnosis capabilities
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