Kentik - Network Observability

Kentik Tech Talks, Episode 6: Hybrid Cloud Monitoring - Eliminate Network Visibility Gaps

Kentik Cloud Solution Architect, Ted Turner, gives a brief overview and demonstration of Kentik’s Hybrid Map features, showing how Kentik helps network professionals understand and visualize traffic to and from any type of network, including cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), traditional datacenters, LAN/WAN/SD-WANs, and container environments.

In this short video, Ted shows Kentik’s Network Explorer, Kentik’s Library of pre-built public cloud dashboards and explores the Hybrid Map, demonstrating how Kentik helps visualize and understand traffic to and from cloud services, the internet, and on-premises network infrastructure.

To discover the benefits of Kentik’s hybrid cloud monitoring capabilities in your own network—free for 30 days—start a free trial, or request a personalized demo from the Kentik team.

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