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Getting What You Want: 5 Lessons for Network Teams to Gain Buy-in Across the Organization

Explore key strategies to secure organizational buy-in for network transformations. Hosted by CIO’s Jim Malone with insights from Kentik’s Josh Mayfield and Chris O’Brien, this session delves into practical approaches to ensure your network projects align with broader business objectives. Learn how to identify crucial programs, communicate effectively with stakeholders, and leverage network dependencies to advocate for networking resources and support. Whether you’re a network engineer or IT leader, these insights will empower you to drive successful changes within your organization.

Key takeaways

  • Align with Business Objectives: Understand and connect your network initiatives to the broader business goals and budget priorities to gain buy-in and secure funding.
  • Effective Communication: Develop the ability to articulate the value of network projects not just technically but in business terms, focusing on how these initiatives support organizational goals.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Identify and engage with key stakeholders across the organization to build a coalition of support for network projects, ensuring that their needs and concerns are addressed.
  • Incremental Implementation: Adopt an incremental approach to network improvements and netwoork automation, ensuring each step aligns with business objectives and yields tangible benefits.
  • Plan and Advocate: Craft a detailed plan that outlines the technical steps, expected outcomes, and business impacts of your network projects. Use this plan to advocate for the necessary resources and support.

This webinar offers valuable strategies for network professionals looking to enhance their influence and ensure their projects not only receive the necessary support but also contribute significantly to the organization’s success.

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