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Solution Brief

Big Data-Powered DDoS Protection with A10 Networks & Kentik

With the advent of global IoT-powered botnets, DDoS is a serious threat that is escalating to new levels of sophistication, volume and payload. As organizations develop Internet-dependent digital lines of business, and move large portions of infrastructure and applications to the cloud, the need to prevent devastating network outages caused by DDoS attacks is increasingly critical.

Traditional out-of-band DDoS detection approaches, based on scale-up appliances or single-server software, can no longer cope with the threat. Built with compute, memory and storage constraints from a pre-cloud era, these legacy solutions suffer from numerous false negatives — or missed attacks — that wreak havoc with customer experiences, revenues and brand equity.

Further, traditional DDoS detection appliances don’t offer the analytics that network engineers and security pros need to maintain situational awareness.

A next-generation DDoS detection capability, powered by big data, offers significant improvements in both attack detection accuracy and deep, exploratory traffic and BGP-peering analytics. Integration and automated triggering of high-powered mitigation technology closes the loop, providing an end-to-end solution with cloud- scale power to meet and defeat today’s DDoS threats.

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