Kentik - Network Observability

Request access to Kentik Kube (beta)

See your network from container to cloud



Reveal how K8s traffic routes through your data center, cloud, and the internet

Network performance and cost: Discover which services and pods are experiencing network delays, and surface traffic costs from pods to external services.

Top talkers: Identify clients/requesters consuming your Kubernetes services so you can track down problematic connections.

Policy validation: Ensure that your network reality matches your design. See which pods, namespaces and services are speaking with each other to ensure that your configured policy is working as expected.

Total infrastructure visualization: Know which pods were deployed on which nodes — even historically. See which pods and services are communicating with non-Kubernetes infrastructure or the internet.

Kubernetes cluster running on AWS, displaying latency at the front end of an online shopping site

How it works

Kentik Kube relies on data generated from a lightweight eBPF sidecar that is installed onto your Kubernetes cluster. It sends data back to the Kentik SaaS platform, allowing you to query, graph and alert on conditions in your data.

Kentik Kube supports all Kubernetes clusters, whether cloud-managed (AKS, EKS and GKS) or on-prem, self-managed clusters using the most widely implemented network models.

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