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Viasat Taps Kentik for Real-Time Visibility of Critical Broadband Networks

Today’s broadband providers share a common goal: to deliver fast, always-on, secure connectivity to customers. To execute on that goal, providers operate some of the largest, most complex networks. Satellite-based providers who serve hard-to-reach customers have an additional challenge: managing high infrastructure costs on a price-per-bit basis.

Visibility into network performance and security is critical for these providers. Any network downtime, or even just the presence of unnecessary traffic, can result in significant financial loss for both the providers and their customers. That’s why high-speed satellite broadband provider Viasat turned to Kentik.

The legacy tools Viasat used in the past weren’t capable of incorporating normal daily or weekly traffic variation into their detection algorithms, producing a high volume of both false positives and false negatives. With a continuous stream of traffic anomalies like denial-of-service attacks, Viasat knew it needed a fast, accurate, real-time network traffic analytics platform to prevent outages and cost exposure from carrying unnecessary traffic across expensive satellite links.

Leveraging Kentik, Viasat now achieves:

  • Accurate baselining for faster security investigations
  • Powerful APIs for data customization and automation
  • Out-of-the-box accessibility and ease of use for cross-department ROI

For the details on how and why Viasat chose Kentik’s modern network analytics, as well as more information on the ROI Viasat now achieves, check out our new case study.

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