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Employee Spotlight: Steven Reynolds - UI Engineer

Michelle Kincaid



In our employee spotlight series, we highlight members of the Kentik team, what they’re working on, and their most memorable moments within the company. In this Q&A, meet Steven Reynolds, a Kentik UI engineer.

Steven Reynolds

UI Engineer

What is your role at Kentik?

Steven: I’m a UI engineer. I build the interfaces and data visualizations that our customers use to understand their networks.

How long have you been at Kentik?

Steven: 8 months

Where do you live?

Steven: Central Texas

What made you want to work at Kentik?

Steven: A recruiter reached out to me and got me interested. However, it was my interactions with managers and the team’s VP during my interview that really sealed the deal. During these conversations, I got a real representation of what work at Kentik would be like, and I was eager to join the group.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve been able to do at Kentik?

Steven: Building cost breakdown visualizations has been pretty cool! This part of our UI helps make it easy for network teams to manage and optimize their connectivity costs, and you can see a few of the visualizations in this product update.

What keeps you at Kentik?

Steven: In addition to a close knit and brilliant team, the variety of work, and incredible benefits (seriously, we still cannot believe the benefits), are two things that stick out.

First, the leadership at Kentik has allowed and encouraged me to spend time with my family rather than feeling like work and family are in conflict. Second, the level of transparency within the company from the CEO down is refreshing and makes me feel integral to what’s going on here.

How would you describe your coworkers?

Steven: Brilliant engineers who don’t take themselves too seriously.

What’s your most memorable or favorite company event or offsite?

Steven: Zoom Happy Hours! I’m also looking forward to making more Kentik memories as things open back up and the team can get together.

What’s your favorite Kentik Slack topic?

Steven: #wtf-parenting

(Kentik sidenote: This Slack channel includes everything from parenting advice and friendly memes to questions like “Should I get a minivan?” and real-life moments like, “OMG, my kid just cut her own hair!”)

What are you most excited about over the next year or two here?

Steven: Kentik’s growth plans are truly exciting, as is the thought of being able to finally meet some teammates face-to-face!

Want to work with Steven and the rest of the Kentik team? We’re hiring! Check out our open positions.

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