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Effective visibility means understanding your network at all times. As a unified, Terabit-scale, SaaS solution, Kentik Detect is continuous, comprehensive, and cost-effective. It doesn’t make you run from tool to tool to get the full picture. It doesn’t make you wait hours for detailed reports on network utilization. And it doesn’t force you to choose which parts of your infrastructure you can afford to see in detail. Kentik Detect shows you what you need to know, when you need to know it.

Up-to-the-minute dashboards

Where is traffic coming from and going to? How fast is it transiting your infrastructure? Are there chokepoints where routers are overloaded or your loads aren’t balanced? Kentik Detect lets you see by continually ingesting NetFlow, sFlow, JFlow, cflowd, RFlow, IPFIX, SNMP, and BGP and showing it live in a comprehensive set of configurable dashboards. Set your lookback window, select a device or devices, and choose the units you’d like displayed. Kentik Detect’s dashboards will show you precisely what you most need to know.

Drill down deep

Beyond graphing current network data, Kentik Detect also lets you deep dive into the details, both current and forensic. Our Data Explorer lets you explore raw data — actual collected flows rather than summaries — from any time frame in the last 90 days (longer retention is also available). You can focus on an individual device or any combination of devices. You can zero in on any of over 20 metrics in categories including ASN, geo, region, port, IP, interface, VLAN, and talkers. And you can apply any combination of filters chosen from more than 25 different parameters. With fast, powerful drill-down, Kentik Detect is the shortest route to detailed answers for crucial network questions.

Learn more about Kentik Detect’s Data Explorer. See the Data Explorer Overview screencast.

Detect anomalies

Is a given traffic anomaly an outlier or real trouble? Traditional visibility systems offer only crude and inaccurate tools for making that determination. But Kentik Detect’s powerful, granular detection lets you find and analyze anomalies so you can resolve issues faster. Create multiple alerts with individual notification channels. Customize each alert’s thresholds and monitoring criteria using multi-dimensional grouping, pinpoint filtering, and flexible metrics. Automate tracking and adaptive baselining of top-N elements. Tune both anomaly evaluation frequency and lookback periods for historical baselining. With Kentik Detect you won’t be relying on guesswork to address anomalous conditions.

Seek answers with SQL

With menu-driven selection of metrics and filters, Kentik Detect enables exceptional control for digging into details. But sometimes there’s no substitute for crafting queries directly. So our Query Editor displays the query behind each visualization and lets you edit it as well. Make changes, click Apply, and your results are returned as both graphs and tables. Not seeing what you expected? Tweak your query and try again. And you can query your data not only from our portal but also from your favorite SQL client. There’s no need to learn yet another search language. You’ll be able to refine your queries in standard SQL until you get the insights you need.

For more details, see our screencast on the Kentik portal Query Editor & API.

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