Kentik - Network Observability

Use Cases

Kentik does all of the things. For all your networks.

Kentik is the network observability solution that empowers network pros to plan, run, and fix any network. Explore the possibilities!

Digital Experience Monitoring
Kentik digital experience monitoring tests performance of cloud-based applications. Catch issues and gauge content delivery with network monitoring tools.
Peering & Interconnection
Optimize interconnectivity with better capacity planning through data-driven peering. Measure performance, find BPG peering targets, and optimize costs.
Clouds & Hybrid
Cloud and hybrid networking is made easier with Kentik solutions. Troubleshoot network connectivity and optimize cloud services with Kentik solutions.
DDoS Detection & Network Security
Kentik has real time DDoS protection and analysis services. Protect against DDoS attacks, detect botnets, secure BGP routing, and prevent BGP hijacking.
Network Troubleshooting
Network troubleshooting and fixing services provided by Kentik. Solutions for troubleshooting of SaaS, WAN, SD-WAN, cloud data centers, and edge included.
Capacity Planning
Network capacity planning helps to project utilization, improving network performance. Configure plans, monitor status, create reports and automate cost forecasts.
Network Business Analytics
Network business analytics help you track digital supply chain. Subscriber analytics insights & trend data uncover revenue opportunities for service providers.
Efficient management tools for network WAN and SD-WAN monitoring by Kentik. Plan SD-WAN deployments and monitor WAN traffic including underlay and overlay.
Amazon Web Services
Get better observability of Amazon Web Services with traffic analytics and incident report handling. Manage your cloud network including AWS egress costs.
Google Cloud
Manage Google Cloud observability with ease by deploying Kentik's cloud monitoring solution. Optimize Google Cloud communications with Kentik solutions today.
IBM Cloud
Enhance the performance of your IBM Cloud Network and hybrid deployments with Kentik solutions. Test VPC performance, detect security risks and control costs.
Microsoft Azure
Learn how to keep Microsoft Azure network performance up-to-par with Kentik's cloud observability solutions. View hybrid deployment analytics with ease.
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