Kentik - Network Observability

Use Cases

Kentik does all of the things. For all your networks.

Kentik is the network observability solution that empowers network pros to plan, run, and fix any network. Explore the possibilities!

Reduce Cloud Spend
Spend only where it matters — and nowhere else.
Migrate To and From Any Cloud
Plan, deploy, and scale cloud investments that maximize your return.
Improve Cloud Performance
Find, diagnose, and fix performance problems fast — and guarantee premium experiences.
Optimize Enterprise WAN
Optimize routing, security, and operations for today’s cloud-centric enterprise WAN.
Improve Infrastructure Reliability
Maintain stable, reliable applications with automated testing and AI.
Deliver Exceptional Digital Experiences
Proactively test and monitor networks, clouds, web pages, and applications.
Detect and Mitigate DDoS
From botnets to threat-feeds, detect, remediate, and prevent DDoS attacks.
Harden Zero-Trust Cloud Network Policy
Secure cloud workloads with actionable views of inbound, outbound, and denied traffic.
Investigate Security Incidents
Never have to ask “what happened?”
Visualize All Cloud and Network Traffic
On prem, K8s, private cloud, public cloud — all in one view.
Troubleshoot Any Network
Resolve issues 400% faster with lightning-fast querying and instant answers.
Understand Internet Performance
The health of the internet at your fingertips.
Consolidate Legacy Tools
Consolidate network, cloud, and security tools.
Optimize Peering and Transit
The most advanced peering tool in the world is also the easiest to use.
Plan Network Capacity
Plan ahead. Avoid traffic jams. Optimize resources.
Understand your Kubernetes networks, from container, to data center, to public cloud.
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Google Cloud
Cloud shouldn’t be a black box. Get the right answer in seconds.   VISIT GOOGLE CLOUD MARKETPLACE
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Know everything about your distributed cloud network.
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