Kentik - Network Observability

Rock-Solid Infrastructure at Any Scale

Maintain stable, reliable applications with automated testing and AI.


Improve Network Infrastructure Reliability: Kentik Observation Deck with Alerts Map
Proactive synthetic testing

Proactively and continuously test connectivity and performance of workloads from a global network.

Find root causes – fast

Answer any question with instant query results, visualizations, data comparisons, and insights.

Deep hybrid cloud context

Gather information across on-prem and cloud environments with one platform to optimize services at scale.

Discover issues first with synthetic testing

  • Proactively find reliability problems before customers notice their impact.
  • Get free, instant results to constant tests on commonly-used public services.
  • Automatically test connectivity to your business-critical public and SaaS services.
  • Benchmark transactions, availability, network connectivity, and performance.
Infrastructure Reliability: Kentik's State of the Internet showing Gitlab

Answer any question about your network

  • Automatically identify top bandwidth consumers and threats to performance of critical traffic.
  • Take action when Kentik Map warnings indicate utilization approaching capacity thresholds or other infrastructure health threats.
  • Easily identify cloud connectivity issues and see recommendations to fix them.
Infrastructure Reliability: Kentik Map Shows Top Talkers and Network Capacity

Optimize across environments to deliver performance

  • See traffic flowing across LANs, SD-WANs, data centers and private clouds, public clouds, and third-party services and drill down to understand how connections and transactions perform.
  • Quickly analyze metrics from hybrid environments to pinpoint performance vulnerabilities and bottlenecks.
Optimize Network Infrastructure Across LANs, WANs, and Multicloud Environments

Control network complexity

  • Quickly understand inter-service communications and connectivity issues without digging into code.
  • See network problems between cloud and on-premises infrastructure.
  • Pinpoint where connectivity between instances, subnets, virtual private clouds, and Kubernetes services is blocked.
  • Easily analyze performance anomalies at scale.
Infrastructure Reliability with Kentik: Investigating Azure ExpressRoute Top Talkers
New Relic

“Kentik’s network observability includes synthetic testing for data center and edge, in addition to flow monitoring. It’s an entire suite for the network.”

April Carter Senior Software Engineering Manager, New Relic
Solving Faster in the Cloud with Hybrid Infrastructure Observability
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