Kentik - Network Observability


Monitor performance. Manage policies.

Make your move to SD-WAN a plus for your organization. Understand the performance of your overlay and underlay simultaneously. Keep tabs on anything that could compromise security. Ensure that your users are getting the best application experience possible.

Kentik has given us a breakthrough level of visibility that puts us in far better control of the complex network and internet traffic delivery factors that impact our service delivery.


Use Case Details

Plan for SD-WAN

Know where you stand before you deploy. Baseline traffic bandwidths. Discover what applications are running between sites, the internet, and to the data center. Have the complete picture to know what will happen when you flip the switch.

Plan for SD-WAN

Understand WAN Traffic

Get visuals and data on the SD-WAN transport including underlay and overlay. Verify intent by auditing measured traffic against SD-WAN policies. Visualize all your transports, such as MPLS, internet and LTE links and show traffic traversing on transports to validate SD-WAN traffic policies.

Understand WAN Traffic
Solution Brief
Integrated, Advanced SD-WAN Visibility with Kentik and Silver Peak
Blog Post
A Critical Piece of Your SD-WAN Visibility
WAN Management Strategies for 2021 and Beyond

Operate with Confidence

Verify SD-WAN operations by setting up dashboards and monitoring and alerting on an ongoing basis. Lock-in your best practices. Get alerts when applications shift out of policy or transport services go down. Keep tabs on everything you need to know, all in one place, to make SD-WAN work as needed for your organization.

Operate with Confidence

See Underlay and Overlay

Monitor the fabric with the underlay and transport, connecting various sites and data centers. Drill down to details such as site, device or provider if you see something that needs attention.

See Underlay and Overlay
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