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Kentik for Enterprises

Kentik is the network intelligence platform for enterprises. The only solution that provides a unified view and understanding of the topology, traffic flows, network performance and device health of hybrid multi-cloud, data center and internet networks. And Kentik delivers the workflows, details and automated actions you need to keep every network running smoothly.

Synthetic Monitoring

Maximize application performance for your users, and deliver outstanding digital experiences for customers and employees. Monitor performance and SLA compliance of essential infrastructure, applications and services with integrated network traffic and synthetic analytics.

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  • Autonomously monitor the performance of SaaS solutions (e.g. Salesforce, Office365), API gateways, public clouds (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, IBM Cloud) and web properties
  • Instantly setup test meshes to monitor intra- and inter-data center performance, and reduce time to resolution (MTTR) of detected problems with intelligent alerting and diagnosis
  • Monitor everything that matters, frequently and autonomously, with simple and affordable pricing

“The combination of synthetic monitoring and real-time traffic analytics is extremely valuable.”

Leroy Ferro, Director of Global Network Planning and Peering

Hybrid Cloud Visualization

Gain an immediate and single, unified view to understand topology state, traffic flows, network performance, and device health status within and between multi-cloud, on-prem, and internet infrastructures.


  • Quickly find and resolve problems by viewing network performance and utilization data from the data center to clouds, other sites/data centers and internet sites
  • React quickly to network conditions and discover which devices are experiencing CPU, memory, interface or traffic anomalies
  • Easily plan and troubleshoot traffic patterns in data center traffic

Insights & Alerting

Today’s huge, enterprise networks carry gigabits or terabits of traffic. The volume of alerts and potential network problems continues to grow, false alarms mask real problems, and network teams struggle to keep pace. Kentik’s ML-based detection engine finds problems that might be missed with traditional tools and generates insights that help network teams prioritize issues by impact and importance.


  • Simplify monitoring with built-in, zero-configuration detection
  • Discover emerging network events before they affect customer experience
  • Triage and prioritize events to reduce resolution times (MTTR)

“There’s no cloud without the network, and effective network operations without proper visibility is almost impossible to achieve. That’s a challenge that Kentik is purpose-built to resolve. The ability of Kentik’s platform to detect anomalies, facilitate rapid problem identification, and automate corrective responses is key to delivering highly-available cloud services.”

Denis Ducharme, Program Director for IBM Cloud Platform Network and Infrastructure

Network Troubleshooting

Resolving network problems and mysteries is challenging—especially with today’s complex networks that span both traditional and cloud infrastructure. Kentik’s distributed architecture keeps all the data that teams need to understand what’s happening on the network and why. Powerful visualizations and a modern UI allow teams to navigate to details quickly and easily.


  • Determine affected applications, services and users
  • Find root causes using guided troubleshooting steps
  • Minimize MTTR and business impact of network problems

DDoS Defense

Kentik includes the industry’s most accurate detection of DDoS attacks and other anomalies such as large-scale data exfiltration. Multi-level thresholds escalate threats as they develop, and built-in integrations enable automated triggers for internal or third-party mitigation.


  • Detect and defend up to 50% more attacks* (TechValidate 2017 Customer Survey)
  • Eliminate false positives/negatives and decrease response time with automatic ML-based traffic profiling
  • Visualize attack characteristics and network impact
  • Trigger automatic mitigation actions including RTBH, Flowspec, and external mitigation hardware or services

“DDoS was the primary driver for selecting Kentik, and their integration into our DDoS automation solution has been exceptional. We’ve also benefited from Kentik in understanding our international traffic flows and security.”

Rick Carter, Head of Networks

Network Capacity Planning for Enterprises

Ensuring that networks have adequate resources to handle current and expected future utilization is critical. Kentik’s capacity planning workflow automates this task, constantly collecting network data to predict future dates at which interfaces and links will reach utilization thresholds. Kentik automatically prioritizes capacity issues and generates intelligent alerts to provide lead time to order new capacity or take other corrective action.


  • Automate data gathering and correlation to prioritize the most critical capacity issues
  • Eliminate complex spreadsheets and manual planning processes
  • Prevent congestion surprises that impact applications or users

Network Cost Analytics

As networks expand, costs for bandwidth and other network resources grow along with ever-increasing traffic volumes. However, predicting those costs has been difficult. Network managers must understand complex service provider billing models in addition to accurately measuring traffic volumes at hundreds or thousands of interfaces across the network. Kentik’s cost analytics workflow dramatically simplifies this task by combining provider billing models with real traffic measurements to produce dollars-and-cents figures that make cost prediction simple.


  • Understand the drivers of overall network spend
  • True up provider invoices and discover billing errors
  • Eliminate billing surprises with automatic cost forecasts
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