Kentik - Network Observability

Digital Business

The world’s most valuable businesses use Kentik.


When the world stopped, Zoom had its back. Digital businesses like Zoom know how critical the network is to their service. When it’s all on the line, network observability is everything.


Use Cases for Digital Business

Manage Digital Experience

Manage the experience of your network, cloud, and applications to ensure availability and performance of your digital business. Test your data center, applications, clouds, web services, and all the networks in between to be sure you’ve got a handle on everything you need to know.

Manage Digital Experience screenshot

Troubleshoot Issues

When your application is your business, seconds count. Start with unprompted, AI-driven insights or simply by asking questions. Query, drill, filter, and zoom to understand network issues and their root cause. When you’re in the heat of the moment like an outage, finding answers quickly is everything.

Troubleshoot Issues screenshot

Optimize Clouds

Get a handle on the cloud infrastructure that runs your digital business. See your data center and cloud networks in a single view. Be alerted to performance problems, verify security, and optimize cost. Understand traffic to, from, in, and across cloud providers, regions, availability zones, VPCs, subnets, and instances.

Optimize Clouds screenshot

Neutralize DDoS Attacks

Automatically protect your digital business from DDoS attacks. Fine-tune rules to catch early signs of traffic spikes or anomalous behavior. Use your own infrastructure to mitigate attacks via RTBH/Flowspec or integrate with threat mitigation providers like Cloudfare, Radware, and A10.

Neutralize DDoS Attacks screenshot

Manage Edge

Make your network edge work for your digital business. Understand network traffic to and from your network. Monitor CDNs and find peering opportunities to improve performance. Evaluate network costs by site, geography, or device to get the biggest bang for your buck and support ongoing planning.

Manage Edge screenshot
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