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Corporate IT

You power the network. We’ve got your back.

With the world working from anywhere, corporate IT organizations need to keep their networks running at peak performance. The world’s leading enterprises turn to Kentik to plan, run, and fix their corporate networks.

Use Cases for Corporate IT

Manage Digital Experience

Manage the digital experience of your network, cloud, and applications to ensure availability and performance for your users. Test users’ remote access, SaaS applications, WANs/SD-WANs, cloud platforms, and all the networks in between to be sure you’ve got a handle on everything you need to know.

Manage Digital Experience screenshot

Troubleshoot Issues

When you’re troubleshooting an issue that affects user productivity, seconds count. Start with unprompted, AI-driven insights or simply by asking questions. Query, drill, filter, and zoom to understand network issues and their root cause. When you’re in the heat of the moment like an outage, finding answers quickly is everything.

Troubleshoot Issues screenshot
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Optimize Clouds

Get a handle on the cloud infrastructure that your teams rely on. See your data center and cloud networks in a single view. Be alerted to performance problems, verify security, and optimize cost. Understand traffic to, from, in, and across cloud providers, regions, availability zones, VPCs, subnets, and instances.

Optimize Clouds screenshot


Manage traffic, bandwidth, and performance across your WANs and SD-WANs. See the network map connecting your remote offices, branches, and campuses. Detect performance degradation and nip “slow” complaints in the bud.

Manage WAN/SD-WAN screenshot

Secure Your Network

Detect network traffic anomalies passing through VPNs and firewalls. Drill down into incident details in real time and do forensic analysis retroactively using months or years of granular network traffic data to understand attacks and their impact. Maintain a continuously updated multi-source network threat database.

Secure Your Network screenshot
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