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EMA Radar Report: Network Performance Management

Leader in Network Performance Management

Kentik is named a 2021 Value Leader by analyst firm EMA. In this report, read why customers say Kentik offers “one of the quickest UIs,” has “near-infinite flexibility,” and is one of “the best troubleshooting tools” in NPM.

From the report:

Executive Summary

This Radar Report is aimed at assisting IT organizations that are procuring network performance management solutions for operational monitoring, troubleshooting, and capacity planning. This report should help buyers assemble a shortlist of vendors and guide their selection of a solution. Any of the 15 vendors represented in the report might be the best choice for an organization depending on the tools and solutions they currently have, their level of organizational maturity, their budget, their direction and vision, and their current mix of network technologies.

The Evolving Idea of Network Performance Management

Network performance management (NPM) is a class of technologies that supports multiple enterprise network engineering and operations use cases by collecting and analyzing a range of network data, including infrastructure metrics, network flows, packets and packet metadata, logs, synthetic traffic, and network test data. These solutions typically offer defined workflows, dashboards, reports, alerts, and network maps and visualizations that support critical network management use cases. Primarily, IT organizations use NPM solutions to support three critical functions:

  1. Operational monitoring of network infrastructure and network traffic
  2. Network diagnostics and troubleshooting
  3. Capacity planning

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