Kentik - Network Flow Analytics

Service Provider Intelligence

To the innovators that win in today’s economy, knowledge is power. Fortunately, one of the best sources of that knowledge is your own network traffic. Every packet leaves a trail that can help point the way forward. Only Kentik has the scale and power to show where those trails lead. Fast, comprehensive data analytics help drive revenue, optimize performance, make better business decisions, and enable new products. With Kentik, traffic data is your competitive advantage.

Digital Transformation Tracking

In a hyper-connected world, the future of your enterprise depends on Internet-centric, cloud-scale networking. To navigate this digital transformation you need timely, comprehensive information. With Kentik Detect, you’ll have complete details on status, utilization, and performance across your infrastructure, cloud, and applications. Get more information.


  • Actual network traffic gives you hard data on progress toward digital transformation goals
  • Gain insights into BYOD, Cloud, SaaS, and App Modernization initiatives
  • Easily create dashboards and KPIs that can be shared across the organization

“Kentik gives us increased visibility into our Cloud First Initiative efforts, providing us with powerful and concrete ways to examine the landscape of cloud vendors already in use, and the ability to monitor our peerings as initiative progress.”

- IT Manager for Ivy League Research University

Network Cost Analytics

How are customers, applications, and internal departments utilizing high-cost resources? Find out in Kentik Detect by uncovering the entry, path, and ultimate exit of customer traffic. Fast and accurate multi-dimensional analyses help link costs to consumers, uncover opportunities for differentiated products and services, and support pricing decisions. Find out more.


  • Negotiate and enforce stronger customer contracts
  • Increase service revenue and margins.

“Prior to deploying Kentik, we had very little visibility into our traffic flows. Any analysis was extremely painful, manually laborious, and time intensive. Kentik has made all of these much easier and quicker.”

- Adam Davenport, Engineering Director, GTT

Revenue and Risk Analysis

Kentik converts your traffic data into prospects and opportunities. Pinpoint potential new customers beyond your network edge. Reveal upsell opportunities based on utilization of 3rd-party services. Identify and head off impending customer cancellation. Whatever the situation, Kentik can help protect and grow revenue. Get more information.


  • Drive revenue growth
  • Reduce SLA payouts

Within 30 days of the deployment of Kentik Detect, GTT fully automated its sales prospecting analysis and reporting capabilities. Using Kentik, GTT is now able to pull insights from NetFlow and BGP data to identify when high volumes of traffic are transiting its network to or from networks that aren’t yet GTT customers.


Analytics Portal for End-Customers

Bandwidth may be a commodity, but insights are a differentiator. With ‘My Kentik,’ providers can create branded, self-service analytics portals with views and dashboards curated for each user. So the same data that makes Kentik invaluable to providers can make providers invaluable to their customers.


  • Reduce support and billing caseload
  • Upsell analytics services for incremental revenue
  • Increase service usage and customer retention with added value

“For less than the support costs of our previous appliance-based tool, Kentik provides us with a far-stronger solution that powers a new level network visibility, scale, and security for our customers.”

- Ian McClarty, President, phoenixNAP
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