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Migrating into the future: A step-by-step guide to leaving your legacy NMS behind

Managing networks is hard. Managing networks in 2024 is really hard. Network operations teams are modernizing their infrastructure and tools, but legacy solutions often hold them back.

Join Kentik network monitoring experts Phil Gervasi and Josh Mayfield as they discuss the benefits of migrating from legacy NMS solutions to Kentik. The rusty sprawl of tools didn’t happen overnight, and our step-by-step guide will help you unwind decades of antiquated monitoring tools and modernize your strategy with a unified approach to network monitoring.

Key takeaways

  • Understanding legacy vs. modern NMS: Phil and Josh discuss the limitations of traditional network management systems and the advantages of modern solutions, including enhanced visibility and adaptability to new technologies like streaming telemetry.
  • Step-by-step migration guide: Phil and Josh provide a detailed walkthrough of the migration process from legacy NMS to a more advanced system. They cover inventory gathering, stakeholder alignment, device reconfiguration, and the integration of new monitoring protocols.
  • The role of streaming telemetry: The discussion highlights the shift from SNMP to streaming telemetry, outlining how the latter provides more granular, real-time data that enhances network monitoring and management.
  • Practical migration strategies: Practical tips and strategies are shared for managing the transition, including running legacy and new systems in parallel to ensure continuous monitoring and reduce risks during the cutover.
  • Stakeholder and cultural considerations: The importance of involving stakeholders and aligning with organizational culture during the migration process is discussed, ensuring that the new system meets the needs and expectations of all parties involved.

This webinar is ideal for network engineers, IT professionals, and anyone involved in network management and infrastructure planning, offering crucial insights into the future of network monitoring. For more practical advice about modernizing your network monitoring infrastructure, download our free NMS Migration Guide.

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