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Kentik Cloud - Product Brief for AWS

Kentik Cloud - Product Brief for AWS

Kentik Cloud provides enterprises with the ability to observe their public and hybrid cloud environments and understand how the network impacts user experience, application performance, costs, and security.

Kentik Cloud shows a unified end-to-end network view to, from, and across public clouds, the internet, and on-premises infrastructures. It provides details on path, performance, traffic, connectivity type, and associated costs. Network and cloud professionals have one tool to plan, run, and troubleshoot complex networking environments.

Kentik Cloud is integrated into Kentik’s network observability platform and supports all top public clouds, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM. Each public cloud has its respective brief; this product brief focuses on AWS cloud.

Cloud and Hybrid Networks End-to-End Visibility

See everything in the VPCs’ north-south and east-west network paths. Drill into details of instance ENIs, VPC subnets, gateways, intra/inter-region links, internet, and connections to on-premises sites (e.g., data centers, branches).

Discover, troubleshoot, and optimize connectivity, traffic, and performance through internet, transit, and NAT gateways, load balancers, VPC peerings, endpoint links, VPNs and Direct Connect connections.

Kentik Map - AWS
Kentik Map shows dependencies and baseline app performance, and evaluates firewall policies.

Kentik Cloud Performance Monitor

Proactively and continuously test network connectivity and performance. Use knowledge about how your traffic is routed through AWS cloud to proactively detect high latency in critical routes between regions, zones, and on-premises endpoints. Get a performance view from different geographies for all internet-facing applications using Kentik’s global agents.

Kentik Cloud Performance Monitor
Kentik Performance Monitor observes latency problems between clouds, regions, zones and services.

Kentik Cloud Traffic Cost Explorer

Manage cloud connectivity and data transfer costs. Identify and optimize misconfigured expensive egress routes. Monitor cloud networking expenses by detecting shifts in consumption rates or new traffic sources incurring high costs. Observe cost in real-time and historical trends. Project and control cost at instance, service, and account level for accountability and planning. Cost Explorer will be released incrementally.

Kentik Cloud Traffic Cost Explorer
Kentik Cloud Traffic Cost Explorer calculates actual costs over time and projects costs by group and account.
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Key Benefits

  • Close visibility gaps with unified public and hybrid cloud network observability
  • Stay agile with Observation Deck, which provides traffic details, network inventory, useful insights into problematic traffic, metrics, and more
  • Reduce MTTR by detecting connectivity problems earlier and troubleshooting faster in complex cloud environments
  • Explore and correlate data using a click-through menu of CloudWatch metrics, traffic, and context metadata to find the root cause of issues
  • Improve user experience with proactive and continuous performance monitoring of critical network routes
  • Control and optimize cloud networking cost by monitoring egress traffic
  • Use cloud network observability to detect traffic anomalies and potential security violations
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