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Kentik Cloud - Product Brief for AWS

Kentik Cloud provides enterprises with comprehensive network observability across all major cloud environments. This gives network, cloud, and infrastructure engineers the context to rapidly answer any question about their networks. Enterprises use Kentik Cloud to optimize performance, resolve network incidents, reduce cloud costs, plan capacity and redundancy, and maximize ROI of migrations to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Kentik Cloud is integrated into Kentik’s network observability platform and shows a unified view of traffic and performance to, from, and across public clouds, the internet, and on-premises infrastructures. It provides details on path, performance, traffic, connectivity type, configuration, and costs. Kentik makes it easy to ensure reliable, cost-effective, and secure network infrastructure at scale in multi- and hybrid cloud environments.

Visibility into all major cloud environments in Network Explorer
Understand costs and instantly spot capacity and configuration issues before they impact end-users.

Optimize cloud application cost and performance

Get automatic insights on multi-cloud and hybrid cloud traffic optimization. Balance connectivity cost and performance of workloads connected through internet, transit, and NAT gateways, load balancers, VPC peerings, endpoint links, VPNs and Direct Connect to on-prem environments.

In AWS and inter-cloud, align capacity, redundancy, routing, and network design to real-time demand as workloads and traffic patterns change. Detect high latency in critical routes between regions, zones, and on-premises endpoints before end users are impacted. Use synthetic testing to monitor and test cloud networks automatically and on demand. Quickly drill into and visualize real-time and historical traffic to identify trends, right-size infrastructure, and improve performance.

Rapidly resolve and rule out network incidents

Query and visualize context-enriched AWS, inter-cloud, and hybrid cloud traffic data to get instant answers to network-layer questions about your infrastructure and solve “unknown unknowns” in seconds. Quickly understand connectivity and performance between services and applications without digging into code. In Kentik Map, see warnings when utilization approaches capacity thresholds or other threats to infrastructure health arise. Address denied traffic in context of relevant Security Groups and Access Control Lists right from the map, with configuration details and identifying metadata at your fingertips.

Detailed view security groups
Visually explore AWS infrastructure and quickly confirm the root cause of an incident in Kentik Map.

Maximize ROI of cloud migrations and redundancy

Drive migration planning and execution with current and historical data on traffic, performance, and dependencies. Use automated analysis and insights to right-size capacity, architect failover, and measure success. Effortlessly track changes to hybrid cloud resources with dynamic topology maps that are always up to date.

Details of migrated application traffic volumes
Easily drive sound planning and decision-making with fast answers and visualizations on migrated workloads.

Ensure security and compliance of multi-cloud deployments

Get custom alerts on the traffic and infrastructure patterns that pose risks to the compliance and security of your business. Protect your brand by crafting and refining cloud network policies that adhere to critical customer and regulatory commitments without blocking productivity. If a security incident arises, audit context-enriched traffic from multiple clouds in one efficient platform to understand flagged transactions and potential data exfiltration.

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Key benefits

  • Close visibility gaps with unified public and hybrid cloud network observability
  • Stay agile with Observation Deck, which provides traffic details, network inventory, useful insights into problematic traffic, metrics, and more
  • Reduce MTTR by detecting connectivity problems earlier and troubleshooting faster in complex cloud environments
  • Explore and correlate data using a click-through menu of CloudWatch metrics, traffic, and context metadata to find the root cause of issues
  • Improve user experience with proactive and continuous performance monitoring of critical network routes
  • Control and optimize cloud networking cost by monitoring egress traffic
  • Use cloud network observability to detect traffic anomalies and potential security violations
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