Kentik - Network Observability
Solution Brief

Kentik and New Relic Joint Solution Brief

Kentik brings network observability to New Relic

The app is broken … is it the network? The infrastructure? The code? When an application is suddenly not reachable and/or not performing, the troubleshooting teams responsible for fixing it (ITOps, DevOps, NetOps, CloudOps, SREs) have been challenged with determining this answer. In the best case, figuring out where to troubleshoot takes too long. In the worst case, the different teams involved add finger pointing and blame to the problem — with an extra side of cranky when this happens at 2am.

This challenge is solved by adding Kentik’s network observability data to New Relic’s application experience telemetry right inside the New Relic One observability platform. Teams are united at shared dashboards and data sets where they can see their critical network data right alongside their application and infrastructure data.

New Relic dashboard
Kentik network performance monitoring as dashboards inside New Relic One

Observability to reduce MTTR

Is it the network, the application, or something else? Guessing what’s behind a performance or outage issue takes time. A lack of network context with application and infrastructure performance data is a blind spot that not only causes delays, but also adds unnecessary friction between NetOps and DevOps teams. By sending network data directly into the New Relic One platform, both teams have the same data they need, all in one place, to make fast troubleshooting decisions and reduce MTTR.

New Relic dashboard
Kentik provides New Relic One with detailed network device metrics to understand network operational status.

Synthetics to predict and prevent issues

Network synthetic testing from Kentik combined with New Relic’s application synthetic testing helps predict application performance issues before users are affected. Ops teams can proactively diagnose and prevent these events before they have business impact. The powerful duo of network and application synthetic testing provides a complete view of availability and reachability.

New Relic dashboard
Kentik actively tests network parameters and provides the metrics to New Relic One, giving ops teams unique insight into application performance.
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Key benefits

  • Reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) by quickly “ruling in or ruling out” the network
  • Proactively recognize/diagnose application performance issues across hybrid infrastructure before they impact users
  • Understand and analyze how network performance impacts the entire stack

Key capabilities

  • New Relic One ingests Kentik streaming network telemetry (IPFIX, sFlow, NetFlow, and more) from a broad range of sources
  • Kentik’s network telemetry is synthesized with the capabilities of New Relic One, including alerts, dashboards, and anomaly detection
  • Combining results from both network and app synthetic testing provides an early warning of performance degradation before users are impacted
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