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How to Gain Network Visibility and Automate DDoS Protection (Replay)

Learn more about state-of-the-art technologies and best practices around network visibility and DDoS protection automation in this Kentik webinar replay (originally presented November 10, 2020). Kentik’s Jim Fey and Powercode’s Adrian Folsom discuss network monitoring trends and solutions and the options available for putting your team in full control of your network.

DDoS attacks, oversubscription, streaming services, WFH — these and many more factors are all present in your service environments. Each can cause service degradations or disruptions by themselves, and can compound to even greater effect. Without real-time visibility into your network and automated responses, you stand little chance of stopping them and protecting your subscribers’ experience.

What if you had a solution that gave you the insights you need to recognize exactly what was driving traffic activity on your network? What traffic is legitimate and which is not? Who is driving the greatest bandwidth consumption, and for which types of applications and content? What if that solution could put you in position to recognize problems quickly and take corrective action without delay — even automating response to well-known issues, such as DDoS attacks, so you could let your network heal itself?

Watch this Kentik webinar replay to learn:

  • What you should know about network visibility and automation
  • Protecting operational efficiency
  • Automating DDoS protection
  • How Kentik and Powercode are working together to bring advanced visibility and DDoS protection solutions to market.

Webinar Speakers

Jim Frey
VP Alliances, Kentik
Adrian Folsom
VP Sales and Marketing, Powercode
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