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Kentik DDoS Detection and Defense


Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks have been a continuous threat since the advent of the commercial internet. It’s an asymmetrical war where $30 attacks can cost companies thousands, or be a smokescreen for something worse. In addition to ever-larger traffic volumes, attackers are also increasing their target diversity, with attack traffic simultaneously spanning data, applications, and infrastructure to increase the chances of success.

Legacy tools cannot provide deep network details or real-time forensic visibility; as threats escalate, your best engineers are bogged down by blind manual interventions that contribute no positive outcomes. Kentik DDoS Detection and Defense leverages powerful network analytics and insights to deliver a detailed picture of your traffic, serving to identify and mitigate DDoS attacks in real-time. This service protects organizations’ networks and ensures business continuity.

Kentik End-to-End DDoS Protection


Kentik’s network traffic intelligence platform delivers the industry’s most accurate and automated DDoS detection against various types of DDoS attacks (e.g., volumetric, application, etc.) while giving security and operations teams full forensics capabilities across months of raw data.

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  • Eliminate false positives and negatives
  • Enable turn-key, vendor-neutral protection
  • Provide a single platform for attack detection, mitigation, and investigation
  • Enable service providers to create and differentiate “clean pipe” services
  • Accurate and flexible anomaly and DDoS detection
  • Integrated automation with leading mitigation providers like Cloudfare, Radware, and A10, as well as native RTBH/Flowspec support
  • Powerful, ad-hoc forensic analytics on months to years of granular network traffic details
  • Easy integration via JSON APIs
  • Multi-tenant, white-label My Kentik Portal, enabling DDoS-as-a-service with industry-leading, advanced network analytics
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