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Kentik Tech Talks, Episode 10: AWS Transit Gateways—Visualizing Cloud Routing with Kentik

In this brief Tech Talk video, Kentik Cloud expert Dan Rohan talks AWS Transit Gateways: How do you visualize cloud routing in AWS and why does it have to be so hard? Learn how to show traffic through an AWS Transit Gateway and trace the path that traffic is going to take, using Kentik Cloud.

Dan shows how the Kentik Map feature lets you quickly look inside your AWS networking environment and easily see how your AWS Transit Gateways are connected and what they’re talking to.

Learn More About Kentik Cloud

This tech talk is an excerpt from the Kentik webinar How to Troubleshoot Routing and Connectivity in Your AWS Environment. Watch the full webinar for even more information on proactively identifying and troubleshooting cloud networking.

In the full webinar, Dan demonstrates how to use Kentik Cloud to visualize cloud routing, troubleshoot direct connects and site-to-site VPN interconnects, and identify and resolve common cloud connectivity problems.

To discover the Kentik Network Observability platform in your own network—free for 30 days—start a free trial, or request a personalized demo from the Kentik team.

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