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Kentik Streamlines Interconnection and Peering in First-Ever Integration with PeeringDB

Network operators can dramatically improve efficiency and make more informed peering decisions

SAN FRANCISCO – May 23, 2023 – Kentik, the network observability company, today announced that it is the first network observability platform to integrate with the PeeringDB database, a community-maintained interconnection and peering directory for networks, clouds, services, and enterprises, to offer organizations the ability to streamline analytics-driven peering decisions.

With PeeringDB’s online database of networks and internet exchange points (IXPs), network operators can maintain and share detailed information about their network infrastructure and peering policies with other prospective peering partners. When used in conjunction with the Kentik Network Observability Platform, customers can streamline the process of evaluating peering partners with relevant traffic flows, common footprint, and peering policies of target networks in a single view.

For no additional cost, integrating PeeringDB enables customers to:

  • Generate contextualized map views of common exchange (IX) and facilities (data center) footprint with any network being evaluated for interconnection.
  • Support strategic planners in the decision to deploy at certain data centers or IXes based on shared traffic and the peering policy of the target AS.
  • Evaluate the details of traffic to and from an ASN of interest towards a customer’s, including traffic mix and volumes, as well as ratios. This makes traffic ratio constraint assessment easy.
  • Evaluate peering decisions with target networks in terms of ratio, footprint, and policy.
  • Identify the NOC and peering contacts for targeted networks.

“The integration of PeeringDB into the Kentik service is great news,” said Jamy Rousseau, Strategic Marketing Manager at Orange International Carriers. “The combination of Kentik Market Intelligence and PeeringDB will enable more efficient evaluations of IP transit and peering arrangements in markets that interest us. Also, having a map view of common data centers with our customers or prospects will significantly assist our sales teams in evaluating opportunities and threats in their markets.”

“As businesses increasingly move to a digital-first strategy, the need for quick, reliable interconnection is becoming important. While peering has provided businesses with the ability to achieve more direct and diverse connections between networks, the decision to peer has long been fraught with required diligence that can be complex, siloed, and time-consuming,” said Christoph Pfister, Chief Product Officer, Kentik. “Our work with PeeringDB breaks down those critical decision barriers by giving network operators a single view to evaluate policies and make properly informed decisions to peer.”

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