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Traditional network performance management tools were developed for the pre-cloud era, when appliances could easily monitor monolithic applications in centralized data centers. Today, network performance is more critical than ever, but digital business applications are distributed, leaving gaps where old tools can’t see. That’s why Kentik NPM is architected for modern digital operations, using lightweight software agents to gather performance metrics from real application traffic. Integrated into a Big Data SaaS that’s built for the speed and scale of today’s digital business, Kentik NPM gives network engineers the timely, actionable intelligence they need to keep traffic and revenue flowing.

How it Works

Kentik NPM monitors live traffic with the nProbe Host Agent, sending the resulting flow data to Kentik’s distributed Big Data backend. Correlation with unsummarized BGP, GeoIP, and NetFlow from the rest of your infrastructure creates a unified time-series database spanning months of network activity. You can run ad-hoc queries covering a broad variety of performance and traffic metrics, group by multiple dimensions, and zoom in or out to any time range. With 95th percentile response-time in a few seconds across billions of datapoints, Kentik NPM operates at the speed and scale of today’s digital business.

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Kentik NPM Metrics

Kentik NPM enables lightning-fast visibility and querying of the key measures needed to assess network performance. Check for retransmits to reveal delivery issues that can degrade applications and services. Look for out-of-order packets that indicate variability between delivery paths. Uncover packet fragmentation that can increase CPU load. Compare one-way latency from multiple perspectives, including client, server, and application. With an integrated view of not only host traffic but also every other network device, you’ll be able to evaluate these metrics in the context of your overall traffic.

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Kentik NPM Use Cases

With Kentik NPM, you’ll know when — and why — user experience is impacted by performance. Monitor and troubleshoot latency for networked and distributed applications. Monitor both within and between datacenters. Make efficient routing decisions by monitoring across Internet hops and geographical destinations. Monitor traffic across cloud providers to guide network connectivity decisions. Get instant performance feedback and validation when building out or changing aspects of your network. Only a comprehensive analytics solution, backed by Big Data power, can keep you informed across such a broad range of uses.

Kentik CEO Avi Freedman discusses performance analytics in this video presentation from Network Field Day 2016.

Cloud-scale NPM SaaS

With cloud-hosted applications driving digital business, why rely on legacy appliances or packaged software for a business-critical function like network performance monitoring? Instead, your operations team needs a true cloud-based solution with all the benefits of SaaS. Kentik NPM does away with expensive hardware and costly custom development. In a matter of minutes you can register with Kentik Detect, configure nProbe on a host, and be monitoring network performance. Powerful, cost-effective, and headache-free, Kentik NPM is today’s smart solution for network performance management.

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