Kentik - Network Observability


How to monitor Kubernetes using synthetic testing

Your hosts:

Anil Murty
Director of Product Management, Kentik

Evan Hazlett
Open Source Developer, Kentik Labs



See a problem router in Path View and determine root cause using detailed device metrics.

About the webinar

Kubernetes enables DevOps efficiency by streamlining application and service deployment and management. While this gives greater control, it also makes it harder to monitor the health of the applications and services.

Synthetic monitoring simulates network conditions and user actions by running continuous tests from global locations before adverse conditions impact end users.

What you’ll learn

In this webinar, Anil Murty and Evan Hazlett will demonstrate how integrating Kentik Synthetics with your Kubernetes deployment enables you to proactively monitor without sacrificing reliability. You’ll learn:

  • How synthetic monitoring works and what it enables
  • Why it is important to monitor these services
  • The challenges in monitoring services deployed using Kubernetes
  • How you can automate monitoring

Anil Murty
Director of Product Management

Evan Hazlett
Open Source Developer

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