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A web-centric enterprise lives or dies by the speed and reliability of its network. When DDoS attacks block availability or routing roadblocks slow page-loads, customers lose patience — and you lose business. That makes network visibility crucial to your success. But existing visibility tools can’t handle the speed and scale of today’s networks. With their built-in bottlenecks and siloed views, they don’t give you a fast, clear, comprehensive picture. Kentik Detect is the big data SaaS solution. Delivering live network intelligence at Terabit scale, we help you keep transactions instant, customers happy, and revenue flowing.

Live performance views

In applications ranging from shopping and streaming to online markets, delays and outages are a direct hit to your bottom line. When execution is impacted, you need fast, clear answers. Kentik Detect helps you distinguish between application and network issues. And it provides deep, immediate insight into network performance. See NetFlow, BGP, GeoIP, and SNMP in a unified queryable view. Track TCP retransmits by AS, IP, geography, and port. Filter live graphs by multiple metrics. Kentik Detect’s continuous, up-to-the-minute visibility ensures that you’ll be able to proactively detect and correct performance issues.

How does Kentik Detect provide visibility into performance? See our Visibility and Performance page.

Dedicated DDoS defense

DDoS attacks are like a dam between you and your revenue. The faster you identify the attack’s origin and method, the sooner you get your income streams flowing. Kentik Detect alerts you to the onset of an attack by continuously screening your network data and immediately notifying you of anomalous conditions. It also expedites drill-down into revealing details, informing your response and shortening time-to-resolution. Customizable alerting presets help get you started, and multiple user-defined dashboards let you see all the angles. That makes Kentik an invaluable partner in defending your sites from attack.

Need a live DDoS detection solution? Visit the Kentik DDoS Detection page.

Data-driven optimization

Converting site visitors into customers depends in part on ensuring that each link in the infrastructure chain is operating at peak performance. With fast, efficient, geo-aware visibility into how customer traffic gets to your sites, Kentik Detect enables data-driven decisions about hosting and peering. Which providers are you depending on to carry your traffic? Are customers getting consistent service across regions? Can efficiency be improved by developing alternatives for peering and hosting? With Kentik Detect you’ll have the insights you need to enhance both network performance and customer satisfaction.

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