Kentik - Network Flow Analytics

Kentik for IBM Cloud

Be all-seeing across your cloud

See IBM Cloud and hybrid deployments in one view. Test performance of VPC communications to, from, and in cloud regions, availability zones, and the internet. Detect security risks and control cost.

There’s no cloud without the network, and effective network operations without proper visibility is almost impossible. That’s a challenge that Kentik is purpose-built to resolve.

Use Case Details

Ensure Smooth Migrations

Plan migrations to and from IBM Cloud. Baseline network behavior and application performance. Understand security and compliance policies, network capacity, connectivity type, and geo-location considerations before you begin your migration.

Test Performance

Discover IBM Cloud components and monitor performance both in your cloud and across service meshes. Optimize regional access and mix of private and internet-based network paths to ensure the best experience for customers and users.

Cloud Observability 101: Start and End with Performance
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Kentik and IBM Cloud Partner to Provide Network Observability to IBM Cloud Customers
Solution Brief
IBM Cloud Flow Logs for Kentik

Control Cost

Analyze IBM Cloud network cost with per-flow granularity. Find expensive traffic flows by account, VPC, subnet, instance, and more. Generate reports, incorporate cost metrics into dashboards, and be alerted to expensive traffic.

Troubleshoot Issues

Troubleshoot issues fast. See details like misconfigurations, dropped flows, east-west and external connections, endpoint type, record type, and account information. Get proactive performance alerts from synthetic tests.

Protect Against Threats

Stop DDoS, catch botnets, detect violations, and audit incidents. Verify security policies across IBM Cloud and data centers. See unintended connections and routes. Validate security groups and access lists for VPC flows.

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