Kentik - Network Flow Analytics

Digital Experience Monitoring

Manage digital experience. Test performance of network, cloud, and applications.

Monitor digital experience across clouds, critical infrastructure, and SaaS applications. We recommend and auto-configure performance tests based on actual traffic.

Being able to respond faster to our customers’ needs and guide them through new opportunities is paramount.
The level of insights provided in Kentik Synthetics makes our responsiveness possible.

Use Case Details

Monitor Performance

Catch performance issues before they impact real users. Keep a pulse on application response times, network bandwidth issues, or latency variations autonomously. Get intelligent alerts that notify you only when there’s a real problem. Set up tests that reflect user experience in one click.

Gauge Content Delivery

Measure performance and track connectivity to CDNs or ASNs autonomously. See synthetic test results in the context of real traffic from content providers. Evaluate CDN performance using Kentik’s global CDN map and scenario testing capabilities, allowing ISPs to test each CDN that delivers content via their network.

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Evaluate Applications Directly

Set up HTTP server, page load, and API tests for applications and services. Monitor critical application infrastructure such as web or DNS servers. Monitor SaaS performance anywhere with our fleet of globally-distributed agents. Keep tabs on the elements that make up the user experience.

Examine Delivery Paths

Visualize traffic paths and patterns as data flows from services to endpoints. Get a hop-by-hop view that makes it easy to drill into the root of performance problems. Get powerful visual cues on hover, such as color changes, thicker lines, and additional information.

See the Big Picture

Set up complex, multi-site performance mesh tests with just a few clicks. Our matrix view and visual cues show you problems at a glance. See how you are running applications between data centers and public clouds.

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