Kentik - Network Flow Analytics

DDoS Detection & Network Security

Detect DDoS. Neutralize attacks. Analyze and respond to incidents.

Detect DDoS attacks accurately and automate mitigation. Find hosts compromised by botnets. Analyze attacks, breaches, and threats in real time and from historic data. Integrate with incident response tools to send alerts and initiate workflows.

DDoS was the primary driver for selecting Kentik, and their integration into our DDoS automation solution has been exceptional. We’ve also benefited from Kentik in understanding our international traffic flows and security.

Use Case Details

Mitigate DDoS Attacks

Minimize customer impact and reduce operational burden. Automatically detect and neutralize DDoS attacks. Fine-tune rules to catch early signs of traffic spikes or anomalous traffic behavior. Use your own infrastructure to mitigate attacks via RTBH/Flowspec or integrate with threat mitigation providers like Cloudfare, Radware, and A10.

Protect Against Botnets

Detect connections to known botnet command and control hosts on the internet. Analyze botnet traffic characteristics and trends over time. Alert on significant changes in threat traffic volume, routes and source geo-locations.

Monitoring and Mitigating DDoS Attacks with Precision and Speed
Solution Brief
Kentik DDoS Detection and Defense
Superloop Connects APAC to the World with Network Insights from Kentik

Analyze Incidents in Real Time

Understand incident details and causes. Drill down into forensic analytics in real time or retroactively using months or years of granular network traffic data to gain understanding of the impact and attack profile. Maintain a strong security posture with a continuously updated multi-source threat database.

Identify Compromised Hosts

Protect resources and data. Detect hosts using unexpected servers or services. Use historical data to see points of ingress and lateral movement of threats.

Keep Routes Safe

Secure BGP routing by instrumenting and tracking RPKI to validate secure traffic routes, detect leaks, and prevent BGP hijacking. Understand the impact of RPKI on traffic and fix issues before enablement.

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