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Data Center and Hybrid Cloud

Static, centrally controlled network infrastructure is a thing of the past. Today’s data centers and hybrid-cloud environments are far more dynamic, with unpredictable DevOps deployments adding huge variability to load. Automation and SDN can simplify provisioning, but instrumentation, incident response, and service assurance are dramatically more complex. To keep traffic flowing reliably, you need pervasive, granular, real-time visibility.

Kentik now supports VPC Flow Logs as a primary data source, letting you monitor your applications and services from the perspective of your network.

Data Center Visibility

Gain deep insights into east-west traffic and changes to applications or infrastructure. Leverage real-time, granular visibility to quickly investigate issues, drill down to root causes, and inform your response.

  • Proactively detect congestion, network element hot-spots, outages, and other traffic anomalies
  • Quickly uncover root cause by drilling down on top contributors and understanding how they map to physical or logical infrastructure
  • Optimize VM, container, or service placements to minimize network load
  • Reduce MTTR and MTTI by 40% or more* (TechValidate 2017 Customer Survey)


“Kentik gives us a level of visibility within our infrastructure that we just didn’t have before, and which we didn’t find in any other approach that we considered or evaluated.”


Hybrid Cloud Visibility

Hybrid Cloud Visibility

Get a single-pane view of traffic flow across your entire app stack, regardless of whether components are deployed in private, public, or hybrid clouds. Zoom in for high-resolution details of individual flows, or out for holistic views of overall service health and user experience.

Kentik’s SaaS network analytics platform now uses VPC Flow Logs for pervasive instrumentation of GCP and AWS.

  • Understand service dependencies between new and old infrastructure
  • Plan and benchmark application migration projects
  • Plan capacity investment by seeing volume trends between on- and off-net service locations
DNS Monitoring

DNS Monitoring

Because DNS underpins most IP-based services, when DNS is down, your business is down. So DNS infrastructure must be highly available and performant. Kentik lets you monitor DNS infrastructure to detect anomalies, and to analyze performance based on actual user traffic, not just pre-defined tests.

  • Gain deep insight into performance and patterns of actual DNS traffic
  • Ensure optimal DNS performance with real-time anomaly detection and alerting on any monitored parameter
  • Reduce network and infrastructure abuse

“Kentik has given us insight and visibility that we haven’t been able to achieve through other network performance monitoring products or open source tools. We can see things we simply couldn’t see before.”

– Sam Eaton, VP Engineering, Yelp

Application-Aware Network Performance

Understand the performance of actual traffic delivery from modern applications and infrastructure across all paths to the end-user.

  • Eliminate critical performance blind spots
  • Find and resolve performance problems before they impact users

“With a substantial portion of the world’s internet advertising flowing across our open cloud platform, predictable performance is a business-critical concern. Kentik’s NPM solution has given us a breakthrough level of visibility that puts us in far better control of the complex network and Internet traffic delivery factors that impact our service delivery.”

– Scott Martin, VP Technical Operations for AppNexus

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