Kentik - Network Observability

The State of Network Management in 2018

Businesses today rely more than ever on their networks for nearly every aspect of their operations. If packets don’t move, their users and customers are directly impacted and revenue doesn’t flow.

To understand demands on the network—as well as today’s top enterprise network management trends and challenges—Kentik® conducted a survey of more than 500 network professionals during one of the networking industry’s biggest conferences of the year, Cisco Live 2018.

Download this report for a summary of key findings and analysis of the top trends, worries, and challenges in the industry, including:

  • Why networking automation and advanced networking/security analytics are among the most important networking trends… and how network professionals assessed their organizations’ readiness to tackle these trends.
  • Why user experience and data breaches are among the top network worries.
  • How the proliferation of tools for managing networks and improving cloud visibility is impacting the enterprise and which technologies are most commonly deployed.

Download the report


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