Kentik - Network Observability

The Year in Internet Analysis: 2023

Join us for this engaging webinar where Doug Madory, Director of Internet Analysis at Kentik, discusses the pivotal events of 2023 that shaped the internet landscape. Doug provides a comprehensive overview, from BGP leaks and major outages to the impact of new submarine cable activations and geopolitical influences.

Highlights include the analysis of notable internet outages like Microsoft Azure and the Australian network operator Optus, insights into recent advancements in RPKI route region validation, and the influence of geopolitical events like the war in Ukraine on internet infrastructure. Doug also discusses Kentik’s role in NetFlow analysis and the broader scope of network monitoring, including performance and cloud analysis. The webinar offers a unique blend of technical expertise and practical insights, ideal for professionals in internet analysis, network engineering, network security, and anyone interested in the dynamics of global internet connectivity.

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