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The Reality of Streaming Telemetry and SNMP

In this LinkedIn Live replay, Kentik’s Phil Gervasi and Chris O’Brien delve into the evolving landscape of network monitoring, focusing on the transition from SNMP to streaming telemetry. Despite SNMP’s long-standing dominance in network observability, the duo explores its limitations and the rising adoption of streaming telemetry for enhanced granularity and real-time data analysis. With his extensive experience as a network engineer, Chris shares valuable insights into the practical implications of this shift for enterprises of all sizes. The talk addresses common challenges and misconceptions, highlighting the importance of a unified approach to monitoring that integrates both SNMP and streaming telemetry.

Discover how Kentik NMS (Network Monitoring System) is pioneering this transition, offering a solution that caters to the needs of modern networks.

Key takeways from this discussion include:

  • SNMP’s Longevity and Limitations: SNMP has been the backbone of network monitoring for decades, but its age and design limitations are becoming more apparent, especially with the need for higher granularity and real-time data.

  • Rise of Streaming Telemetry: Streaming telemetry is emerging as a powerful alternative, offering more frequent and detailed data collection, which is crucial for modern, dynamic networks.

  • The Reality of Network Monitoring: Despite the buzz around streaming telemetry, a significant portion of network monitoring still relies on SNMP due to its widespread implementation and compatibility with existing infrastructure.

  • Challenges of Transitioning: Transitioning from SNMP to streaming telemetry presents challenges, including hardware compatibility, the need for new tools and systems that can handle streaming data, and the complexity of managing a mixed environment during the transition.

  • The Importance of a Unified Approach: For effective network management, it’s essential to have a solution that can integrate and normalize data from both SNMP and streaming telemetry, providing a comprehensive view of network health.

  • Streaming Telemetry’s Benefits: Streaming telemetry addresses many of SNMP’s shortcomings, such as inefficiency and lack of real-time data, making it a valuable tool for troubleshooting, network capacity planning, and ensuring optimal network performance.

  • Kentik’s Role: Kentik NMS is at the forefront of this evolution, offering a platform that unifies SNMP and streaming telemetry data, tailored for network engineers by network engineers, to meet the needs of networks at any scale.

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